If You Haven’t Heard – Blackbird Harmony

So I am going to try and start a new feature here on the ol’ website/blog space, and I am thinking of calling it “If you haven’t heard”.  The title of the weekly installment will be followed by a band or artist name of the featured talent — not unlike the title of this post. I hope you bear with me, as you will most likely already know the selected artists, but humour me as I try bringing it to your attention!

First in the series will be the Band Blackbird Harmony from the Yer Bird Label.  Blackbird Harmony is Evan Birdsong (birds all over the place here…) along with Aryn Dalton and Jim Case and they enjoy a great harmonious Americana-folk vibe.  The reason I am also posting on BbH is because I recently signed up with the Yer Bird Aviary and found the demos for the most recent release “Hardwood Exits”, plus the 2004 album “Angels With Outstretched Hands”.  All are recommended and available for download as full albums once you are a member of the “Aviary”.  Come on people for $25.00 USD you get access to 10 albums plus 3 live performances of various Yer Bird artists (and growing) — WAY GOOD DEAL!

Well back to BbH and why you should listen if you haven’t heard already — the intimate, acoustic demos for the “Hardwood Exits” album are very much sticking with me lately.  Yer Bird hits the nail on the head with the “American gothic, country folk” description, so basically I was sold right there — I am always a sucker for packaging!  So other than saying it is a must, take a listen to a couple of tracks below and make that choice for yourself, to listen if you haven’t heard already.  Just to make sure you are aware, the track for “Picture of You” is from 2004’s Angels with Outstretched Hands album and not the 2008 version on Hardwood Exits.

Enjoy, and don’t miss out on my “sister post” over on You Crazy Dreamers for BbH – check it out here.