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Horse Feathers or Chad VanGaalen — September’s most anticipated release?

So I am anxiously awaiting two releases this September and by the blog post title you already know who they are.  I mean there are other important releases coming (also awaiting this), but I think Horse Feathers and Chad VanGaalen are able to make my hands shake while clicking for an online purchase.  September 9th seems soo far away right now!

At least the one good thing is that both albums – Horse Feathers’ “House With No Home” and Chad VanGaalen’s “Soft Airplane” – are being released on the same date, Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 — again, soo far away.

While both may be grouped into the “indie-folk” playground that I enjoy frequenting (does that sound pervy?), I think they are two completely different sounds.  While Horse Feathers enjoy what might be called a more traditional “Appalachian” folk with use of banjo, violin and cello — beautiful.  Chad would have some singer-songwriter with a bit of what I might call “lite” freak folk — included is a unique voice (which I tend to lean towards in the first place) and some non traditional folk instruments like drum machines and synthesizers.  You might say Chad would be the evolution of indie-folk while Horse Feathers tow the line with slightly ahead of the curve traditional folk.  While I have not heard the entire album from either artist, I know they will be stellar and to prove this, I have attached the lead “blogger/website” suggested track by both.

Let’s start with Horse Feathers and “Curs in the Weeds” — This is great classic Horse Feathers, with amazing use of cello and violin.  It is a beautiful sounding song with an ominous theme of neglect and being part of a home that you feel divorced from.

With Chad VanGaalen you get his trademark falsetto voice alongside some banjo plucking (one might envision an early morning porch in the south).  I especially like the accordion thrown in with some clarinet for good measure.  With this you may feel like the song might have too much going on, but don’t fret as it works immensely well.

Listen here to both and give me your impressions


Well I guess you can head on over to Kill Rock Stars to pre-order your copy of “House With No Home” and Flemish Eye (Sub Pop outside of Canada) for “Soft Airplane”.

Now the lonely waiting for delivery….