Hayden & Veirs, “Islands In The Stream”

**Guest blogger alert, guest blogger alert**

So a few days ago we are on our way to see “The Dark Knight” and Smansmith is giving Stanley Brinks’ “Dank U” a whirl…I’m enjoying it but it makes me think of Hayden. So I say “When is Hayden coming out with something new?”  Okay so, I am not on top of every release and it has to be explained to me that Hayden has already come out with something in 2008 and I didn’t mind it. This is why I am the luckiest gal in the cyber music world. Not only am I introduced to great music daily but also, Smansmith can always tell me if I enjoyed an artist from the feeblest description of the lyrics or heaven forbid I try and hum a few bars.  Oh yeah, did I say I am Smansmith’s wife?

Living with a music guru can be daunting at times…we both have a strong opinions and quite often they aren’t the same.  I for one can’t see the brilliance of Joanna Newsom although I am reminded it’s there I just need to get past the screeching noise (that’s all me). I am also a bit fickle when it comes to artists — how could I have forgotten about Hayden’s latest release considering he is one of my favourite artists???  It’s a pretty good problem to have, too many artists, too little time.  To prove I really listen to the great artists I have exposed to I will take a brief detour to 2004 and back to someone new (ish) to me.

In 2004, I was lucky enough to see Hayden perform at a tiny slightly dive-y theatre celebrating “Elk Lake Serenade”.  The concert was small and intimate and outside of the folks that own the theatre I was one of three people in attendance who also had a full time job. “Elk Lake Serenade” has it all, a little bit of comedy a lot of heartbreak and that lonely feeling often found with a guy and a guitar on a stage.

As soon as I hear someone new I automatically figure out if they will be part of my own private music festival and if there is someone they should do a duet with (slight obsession with duets — thanks Mom for Kenny & Dolly).  Because Hayden is a bit quirky I immediately put him with the very talented Laura Veirs.  Ms. Veirs released an EP titled  “Two Beers Veirs” this year.  Lovely. A female vocalist who is content to show us her talent without making us endure 6 minutes of vocal gymnastics (I’m looking at your Mariah).  Laura shows us a bit of comedy a bit or heartbreak and just a little bit of lonely.  Now how do I get these two in a room together???  Please enjoy a few tracks of two folks I can’t forget.