Blackwood Hymnal has left us too soon…

So I am sure you can figure out from the title of this post that this group had perished in a fiery tour bus crash in 2001…okay not really, they just have moved on to other things and are no longer recording.  Seriously though, was that last line not a start for an incredible blog post?

Now that I have brought you up with suspense, then exposed the truth – I have to bring the news that the truth really is that this phenomenal sound is not being performed (that I know of) any longer.  I found Blackwood Hymnal after looking for more Bill Patton who was a member of the Hymnal (his “Get It On album is pretty darn freakin’ good) and what caught me was possibly the name…Blackwood Hymnal…perfect.  I listened to a few songs and was hooked – but I was then discouraged to hear of the band’s dissolution.

Blackwood Hymnal’s MySpace’s info:

Blackwood Hymnal is currently defunct. However, you can see what Katrina is up to with her current band Palodine and Bill is currently playing as Bill Patton & The Credentials.

~One note from the MySpace page – it didn’t mention its 3rd member’s status – Josh Ervin.  Just more suspense in the dissolution of the band maybe…

Also, the tracks are indicated as “demo”, so who knows if there was a full release!  Maybe, they packed it in due to unforseen circumstances a bit too early…  I personally think these “demos” are haunting (Katrina Whitney’s voice specifically), but comforting at the same time.  It might be a theme around here but the sound of “far off landscapes” is something that comes to mind when trying to describe music such as this – beautiful.

If you get the chance, swing by the MySpace page, listen and lament for what could have been.  Two of the songs are below to get ya started.