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Erik Shepard – Chasing Storms

Today I have something in more of a traditional singer-songwriter style…oh wait, that is why you are all here…looking for some jems from the unhurried tempo (I love that saying).  Well, my friends I bring some more material to dig into from this past June’s release of “Chasing Storms” from Erik Shepard (formerly or just currently to the side of Chicago’s Life At Sea).

Erik Shepard (yes, one “k” and one “p”) has taken a step away from his band persona and stripped down his sound to himself, his guitar (and his triangle apparently) to bring us his collection of stories set to the soundtrack of the lone troubadour.  In listening, I find the album easy and soothing – something that you can sit back and (try to) sing along to.  You can tell Erik is an experienced songwriter due to his quick use of lyrics and song building. The songs were originally recorded to not be solo but part of a fuller band sound, but Erik felt that the songs were meant to stand on their own with just himself and his guitar.  In a way keeping them honest, pure and melodic – the very reasons that brought him to music in the beginning.

While it may seem like this album could be “under the radar” due to the recent infusion of many a songwriter, take a second listen is the advice I have been given – it just may lead you on a much needed trip.  While it may not be a trip per say as much as it may be Erik’s “small look into a most implausible take on life and love” which kind of puts a period on what this album is.

We have a bit of sampling of this new (or not so new) side of Erik with “Shadows of the Past” from Chasing Storms and a live recording of “Wrong” from a recent set at the Earl in Atlanta this August.  Also note that the track “Wrong” will be showing up on Erik’s second solo release (already expected soon!).

If you wish, please support Erik by purchasing a copy of the album (and read about the the HEAL organization which will receive 100% of all proceeds from your “purchase”).  Go ahead feel better about doing the right thing and receive some great music – win/win people.

To get you started on your journey to being better people, listen below.




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