Quintin Nadig’s Sunday beauty

Two Beautiful examples of sparse independent music this blustery (well where I am at least) Sunday.  I need better headphones…

But I digress, so the other week, I was perusing the internet (like a good blogger) and looking for something to sink my teeth into.  I found it in Quintin Nadig’s two releases “Anchor Details” and “Slip Songs” from 2003 and 2005 respectively.  How this guy got past me in the first place is unforgivable, so I need to give you all a crash course in Nadig with some samples from both his previous releases.

Anchor Details” is definitely a debut album of sparse emotional home recordings.  To some that might not sound like an endorsement…but if you are into Slowcoustic, you can appreciate the energies put into something like this.  I am far from an artist and it always astounds me when I come across artists that are doing it and releasing quality (if it be “lo-fi” or not) material, this album is just that.  Often seeing just Nadig and his guitar (and the sound of anything around him at that moment) is the sound of this release – not going to allow him to open any arena shows, but that is the furthest thing from his mind I am sure, and the way I like it.

Slip Songs” definitely sees a progression in sound for Nadig, he is leaving the “alone in a room” feel behind, (but it is still there for those keeping score).  I feel that this album sees growth in his sound but does return at some points to it’s understated roots, but this time its on purpose in order to re-live some of the beauty of “Anchor Details”.  The 2005 release brings a theme to his songwriting as I found out from his CD Baby page:

Inspired by an early Tennessee Williams play, the songs are solid little numbers written from two lovers’ perspectives. Like Williams’ drama, Slip Songs progresses to a potent ending.

The two lovers perspectives is something that Nadig’s first release doesn’t see – harmonizing with a second vocalist, melding his and her voices perfectly – my favourite example is “Wild River Country” with its breathy delivery and great accents of mandolin.  I do feel like “Slip Songs” incorporates a bit of lo-fi Alt-Country at times in a good way.

Other than his solo projects, you can also find Nadig with his new band persona – Waterhens.  Visit their MySpace page for a chance to hear samples of the upcoming album “Ridgeland” which I am anxiously awaiting.  There are also links to purchase both solo albums and to view a couple of videos, including the video for the track below “Wild River Country”.