Bosco and the Lonely Drunks

So other than this self imposed mugshot photo of Marcus Jönsson (aka Bosco), I don’t know much about this Swede.  I tried to contact him through through his MySpace page and got no response, and there is not much new material there outside of some upcoming live gigs, so here it is a post none the less!

All I know is this is some great stuff (as some Slow-coustic members already know) and I just wanted to get it out there.  The songs are clearly themed about relationships, and have a maturity and delivery that defies the photo above – I think his experience goes beyond the few tracks currently available.   The Lonely Drunks are not specific band mates per say (I think…) but entail the many members of the local scene that he joins forces with for his live performances.  After listening to the songs, I wonder how they would translate to a live performance due to their intimate and delicate feel…  Maybe Marcus will somehow find this post and drop me a line and update me – and hence you all (hint, hint).

All his profile indicates on his MySpace page are just words to live by;

There will be free downloads. There will be live shows. There will be wine. There will be piano. There will be guitars. There will be harmonica. And If god is willing, there will be accordion. And you will all be so very excited.

Other than sounding like a good time, he seems like a regular guy with a guitar, just playing to those lucky enough to be around him. Well I have a couple of those aforementioned free downloads below.  They have become a regular listen around Slowcoustic HQ.

Enjoy your Monday all you worker drones (myself included unfortunately).