Lisa Cerbone

Pixie voiced songstress Lisa Cerbone enters your ears and washes over you, sending melodies to assist in falling deeply into a relaxed state.  But wait…don’t get too relaxed, you don’t want to miss anything!

This is how I feel hearing the songs of Cerbone, I feel her stories soothe and keep me listening over and over again.  She carries with her a full arsenal of acoustic styled songs with tales of love and, dare I say, hope.  I don’t want to send all you Slowcoustic readers into shock, but I can like music that isn’t about drinkin’ whiskey and heartache!  Maybe it is the fact that Cerbone has matured with her music over the years and you can hear it in songs and lyrics.   She is not pretending, she is a mother of two and isn’t telling tales of things long lost (well not all the time) and seems comfortable in her own skin.

You will often find layering of strings and piano to compliment what I would say is one of her signatures – her voice.  One could say a voice is the cornerstone of a singer-songwriter but I believe she brings an accessibility to her “unique” performance.  While I described her voice earlier as “pixie”, you get flecks of a toned down Joanna Newsom and equally ethereal Kate Bush (as described in another great post on Cerbone for the stellar Womenfolk blog).  Don’t get me wrong as I don’t feel like her voice defines her talent but it is warming and is crucial to conveying many of the themes found on her albums.

The two tracks I have for you today are both from the 2008 “We Were All Together” LP that falls into her 4 album discography quite nicely.  Take a listen for yourself and become as enamored as I have.