In and ’round the ‘nets this week

Well some may know, but for the most part most will not.  The Slowcoustic new site turned “1 month” this last week!!  I know, I know, maybe a bit early for parties and movie deals yet, but congrats to us anyway!  I have to say that the last month we did quite well for a fledgling blog (with a help from a few friends – thank you!) despite only minor hiccups.  I mean I don’t think a blog of this music genre is going to crazy popular as readers of Slowcoustic would tend to be a bit more, how do I say, a connoisseur of the slow tempo.  We ain’t gonna hit top of the charts people, but that is the way we like it!

With that being said, what was going on around the WWW other than our 1 month anniversary you ask?  Well I have a few items of note below;

  • You might want to swing by the “So the Wind Won’t Blow it All Away” for some nice tunes – especially recently with Boduf Songs.  I kept meaning to post on Mat Sweet (Mr. Boduf Songs himself) but didn’t hear back from him or his people – ;-(
  • The good folks over at Untitled Records Blog have a little write up on Slowcoustic Fav Damien Jurado (is this another Jurado “round the ‘nets” post….DAMN rights).
  • Not really this last week, but I found it this last week (does that count?) – but Peer Validated from good ol’ Wisconsin has a track “Hazelton” from Justin Vernon (“post” DeYarmond and “Pre” Bon Iver) – this guy cannot do wrong!
  • So the next attempt to bring mainstream indie into mainstream was released – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – the movie opened.  Clell Tickle would be proud.  One pleasant surprise was Mr. Paul Tiernan and Mr. Richard Hawley making the soundtrack.  Do you think Band of Horses and Vampire Weekend got into a fight to make sure their song was in the opening credits??  HA, just jokes people!

That is all I got, but enjoy another track from Paul Tiernan to ease you into your weekend.  Enjoy.