Boduf Songs – How Shadows Chase the Balance (2008)

I know I just posted on the weekend saying I wasn’t posting on Boduf Songs, but….

So you think you know evil?  Well I don’t think you know it like Boduf Songs emanates it.  Pulsing and dark with an ominous soundtrack provided by Matthew Sweet.  Yes, a man with a surname of Sweet, brings this “at twilight lost in a forest” acoustic driven performance above that I am quickly becoming a follower of.

Now with all the evil analogies past us, the music is amazingly stark and I can’t stop listening to it.  I enjoy down tempo songwriters and this is one that you need headphones on in order to get lost in the album.  If you are watching and listening to the video above for “Pitiful Shadow Engulfed In Darkness” you are getting the chill of what I speak.  Okay, I had to have one more evil reference.   This 8 track release brings Boduf Songs full speed ahead to Mat’s fringe folk with droning baselines, haunting lyrics and even a bit of background noise/sounds that cause you to look around as if someone was possibly behind you.  But there is nobody there, right?

Click the album cover below to Purchase a copy of the album – highly recommended.