Round the ‘nets this week

Another week down people, success – it’s the weekend!  As a matter of fact it is a long weekend in Canada due to the real Thanksgiving weekend (no offense to my American Readers!).  There actually was a fair amount that was pumping through millions of miles of Ethernet cable this week for all you internet music lovers – and this is only a small portion:

  • So The Mountain Goats have a new EP with Satanic Messiah.  Swing on by, donate a few bucks and get some new tracks from Mr. John Darnielle (my own personal hero) as the EP is really, really good – for the TMG fans at least.
  • So….Mr. Ray LaMontagne’s “Gossip In The Grain” leaked (well a mainstream leak at least) – so I assume a flood of tracks will come through various blogs soon.  It is pretty darn good, as I am sure we all expected.  This album is very highly anticipated, and I am happy that RLM is getting his major recognition.  And no…I am not posting tracks prior to the release next week.
  • Brian Borcherdt’s new album “Coyotes” was released on Oct. 7th and it is top 3 for the year in my books and may work it’s way to the top spot.  You may know Borcherdt from his work with Holy Fuck, but this is definitely not to be mistaken for that…no, not at all.
  • J. Tillman posted on his MySpace blog that “Vacilando Territory Blues” will be released digitally in 2 weeks!!  Oct. 27th it hits the proverbial shelves.  This will be great as usual (the re-working of “Firstborn” on his MySpace player sound good to.)

Well all this talk about great music is making me think of great all time music.  With that being said, I am going to post something that might be considered great for all time by you listeners.  I am sure this song (albeit a cover version) is considered “best of” in many circles – “I See A Darkness” from Mr. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Will Oldham – you decide if that circle encompasses you (I think it just might).