Giving Thanks for Micah Blue Smaldone

photo from 4volt

So it is the long weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving and I am sitting around enjoying great coffee (new connection for beans) and really getting into some Micah Blue Smaldone.  As it inches towards the end of the year, I am mentally putting together my “best of 2008” list. Maybe it is the fact that the days are shorter and mornings cooler, but I am not quite ready for the end of this year yet – too much great music has happened and I want it to continue.

While I have been listening to Micah Blue Smaldone for a little bit now, his 2008 release for “The Red River” is absolutely going to be on my “Best of” list.  The album will be released officially this November ( I believe the 4th if I am not mistaken) and is truly a mellow, gothic folk masterpiece.  For fans of Mr. Smaldone, this is another evolution of his music as he is maturing – definitely a toned down version of his past more traditional bluesy recordings.  To get an idea of his journey, you can visit his wiki page – it is quite a tour from punk to blues to folk!

Here in lies a problem for me, being online all the time digging up music and sharing with many others around the world – I have a demo version of the song called “It Was This Morning” which I believe has been updated to the title track “The Red River” for its release.  I must apologize to whomever provided me with it and if I “borrowed” it from someone else, again, I apologize but I must include it on this post.  This song is not going to be the official release, as Smaldone has “cleaned” it up slightly for the album release and it is great all around.

Well, enjoy this track (its a contender people) and pick up a copy of “The Red River” in a few weeks once released – or take a visit here to find some of his current releases for purchase.