Little Bear – Army of Trees EP

Little Bear has a great little release in the form of a 4 track EP entitled “Army of Trees” that is recently collected, recorded and released for all to have.  “All to have” as it is a complimentary download!  We all like free music, but I think we often push aside free music as “not quite good enough” which is not the case here.

Little Bear puts together an organic, folk and even slightly Alt Country release that is definitely worthy of a little bit of play – or maybe a lot of play.  Coming in at slightly under 15 minutes (of which includes a track/interlude to set the tone – re: 3 tradtional songs in total).  Three songs which bear a resemblance of each other, but as distinct a flavour possible without leaving the taste all together.

“The Beaverkill” which despite having a title no Canadian can swallow – is a dreamy acoustic ballad with a bit of a chanting chorus.  You can’t ignore nodding your head or tapping a toe or two once this chorus makes an appearance.

“Smaller Trees” which is definitely fitting in title to the EP, comes across as a bit of an indie pop release.  With catchy chorus

“A Song for the Jungle” is probably my favourite (at the moment) is more of an ballad in the vein of a late night electric guitar bar closer.  Possibly something that might be the highlight of the night in getting those last few enamored couples to sway away the last 4:43 of the evening.

So overall, a bit of a scatter shot of sounds over the 3 songs, and although all are a good listen, I wonder where Little Bear’s upcoming (soon?) full album release will find itself.  I am one to be watching to find out.

I’ve included two of the tracks from the release, but visit Little Bear on Myspace for a plethora of download options!