Sometimes as hard as you look, you sometimes pass over something in your very own backyard.  This is […]

photo from 4volt So it is the long weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving and I am sitting around enjoying […]

Another week down people, success – it’s the weekend!  As a matter of fact it is a long […]

So this post is going to be easy as it is full of artists that I am not […]

I know I just posted on the weekend saying I wasn’t posting on Boduf Songs, but…. So you […]

So not just a possible awkwardly-too-long song title for a upcoming Sufjan Stevens opus, Flowers From The Man […]

Quick post today, sorry folks. So I know little about this Swede and have very little media from […]

I have nothing else besides that.  Incredible.  The Black Cab Sessions has some of the best impromptu one […]

So notoriously a fan of the male troupador and down on HIS luck singer songwriter, I have been […]

Well some may know, but for the most part most will not.  The Slowcoustic new site turned “1 […]

Hmmm…records…not recordings, but records.  Thing of the past or recently making a comeback?  One thing as the so […]

Oh, and the “B-side”.  While mostly reserved for dance floor remixes and the song that almost didn’t make […]

This one is going to be a keeper folks, the fourth installment of If You Haven’t Heard – […]

While linking through some of my MySpace artists that I have already posted on, I came across a […]