Jihae’s “Best Thing” Video…I miss summer.  Here in Calgary, it is getting colder, darker and wintery.  Although as […]

leftovers recipe from Phillyist New on the ‘nets this week folks.  Other than secretly wanting a “safe” Black […]

So for this Friday, I have a discovery from a couple of years back.  We all know (or […]

Just heard some promo stuff for Blue Giant’s debut EP entitled “Target Heart”.  Not too shabby I must […]

So here we are with the down-tempo section of the class today – ladies and gents, here are […]

Big Low “Old Macleay” (mp3) from “No Tears In Paradise” (Smoked Recordings) More On This Album Big Low […]

Once again, what is happening, what is new, what is been offered up to the bloggers for consumption?  […]

Just a Friday teaser.  Enjoy. Jay Jay Pistolet “Always On My Way Back Home” (mp3) from “Happy Birthday […]

I can’t say that I know of any more music or “discover” more artists than any other person […]

and other collected eps. So received my shiny new CD from The Gunshy last week.  Didn’t you?  If […]

photo taken from Aberdeen show flyer So upcoming concert possibility is Ghost Bees and Laura Barrett here in […]

So I am a bit under the weather today and I need something soothing (and possibly more sleep).  […]

Our weekly routine returns my fair readers, hope you enjoy the only slightly behind the now updates.  Remember […]

So here is a “Friday Discovery” for all ya out there.  I can honestly say that I just […]

So just a quick one today as I am just on the go (or something along those lines) […]