Scott Cooper’s Tiny Increments

So, Remembrance Day is here (well in the Commonwealth at least) and on this day of reflection, I am sitting at home (no work today for me) and listening to something that almost got away from me.  The Scott Cooper beauty “Tiny Increments” from 2007.

And I have to be honest about this as well.  I was introduced to Scott Cooper from fellow Toronto native Sean Nilsson (you might know him as Sheltered In Sound) and a successful introduction it was.  Scott’s music is that warm feeling you get in late July with the windows open, dusty road, and you on the way to see an old friend in your home town.  With that little analogy down (you know what I mean), the music is a lazy Sunday, sharing with a loved one and something that is both comforting and a great listen.  Scott’s MySpace profile suggests an artist that I immediately think of when listening to Tiny Increments – Josh Rouse.  Their music pair off nicely, great indie-pop that has depth, listen to the lyrics a few times – it is delivered as spun gold but there is always something under the surface.  You will notice this with the two tracks I have attached to this post – “The Insomnia Song” with it’s a light-hearted guitar strumming and lyrics of pain and yearning.  You also have “Tilt-a-Whirl” with it’s Alt-Country lament for finding yourself by taking the hard look at where you are and what you have done to get there.  So you can see that the music isn’t always about friends and great moments, but with Scott’s delivery, you find yourself enjoying even the trying moments.

That is all I got this November 11th, so don’t forget to listen, visit and pick up an album (you can always try for a copy of Scott’s two former albums – and send them to me when you get them!!).  For further listening, visit Scott’s MySpace page and listen to a couple of tracks I also wanted to include (“Amen” and “The Summer Song” – highly recommended), but I can’t give them all to ya!

Find a copy of the album on CD Baby, Music Is Here and iTunes.
Recommended if you like: Josh Rouse, Denison Witmer and Damien Rice.