Ghost Bees & Laura Barrett

photo taken from Aberdeen show flyer

So upcoming concert possibility is Ghost Bees and Laura Barrett here in Calgary on December 4th.  I am still up in the air on participating so I am putting up a couple of tracks to see if you can convince me that I will be missing something by not heading into the dark and possibly snowy evening.

I am not exactly sure who is opening for who, but I think Laura Barrett is the headline with Ghost Bees in support – I don’t know why, but I often find myself waiting in line to see the first 30 minutes of any concert.  In other words, I may just be hitting the clubs for another opening band experience.  That’s okay in my books, that makes me more “indie” doesn’t it?

I believe Barrett is touring in light of her newest album “Victory Garden” that was released this past September while Ghost Bees will be folking around with their early 2008 release “Tasseomancy”.  I have listened a bit to each and admit we are still in negotiations, but I am sure I will bend and admit that I am fully enjoying them completely.

Oh well, take a listen, let me know if you think I should hunker down and watch some network television or brave the elements and be enthralled with harmonious vocals (albeit more high pitched than average for the most part).

Wow, do I ever sound complacent and lazy…


Earth SciencesLaura Barrett
“Robot Ponies” (mp3)
from “Earth Sciences”
(Paper Bag Records)

Earth Sciences
“Deception Island Optimists Club” (mp3)
from “Earth Sciences”
(Paper Bag Records)

More On This Album

TasseomancyGhost Bees
“Vampire of the West Coast” (mp3)
from “Tasseomancy”
(Youth Club Records)

More On This Album

just in case any regular readers are wondering, I post the songs twice as Hype Machine does not recognize the above label required links and only the below links.