The Top 13 EPs of 2008 as bequeathed by the Captain!

The week of “Bests” continues with “Thanks Captain Obvious” and his top 13 EPs of the year (of our lord two thousand and eight).  From his iPod to your ears, drink in the goodness below!



13.  Vetiver – More Of The Past

Freak-folk. New-folk. I have no idea what any of it means, but this nostalgic collection of covers (of obscure shit I’ve never heard of) is a real treat.
~Listen – Vetiver – See You Tonight

12.  The Mountain Goats – Satanic Messiah

John Darnielle writes great songs in his sleep. True story.
~Listen – The Mountain Goats – Satanic Messiah

11.  Rob St John – Like Alchemy

Every now and then I get something in my inbox worth hearing. Think Bill Callahan, but prettier and with more melodic vocals.
~Listen – Rob St. John – Paper Ships

10.  Adam Arcuragi – Soldiers For Feet

Miley Cyrus makes a billion dollars a year. Adam Arcuragi doesn’t. There is no justice in the world.
~Listen – Adam Arcuragi – The Old Sears & Roebuck Catalogue

9.  Blue Giant – Target Heart

All-star cast of Portland musicians create a tasty alt. country EP that sounds 35 years old. “Target Heart” sounds like a lost Neil Young song. An awesome Neil Young song.
~Listen – Blue Giant – Target Heart

8.  Final Fantasy – Spectrum, 14th Century

Owen Pallett, buddy… you violin virtuoso you… if I were into guys you and Gael Garcia Bernal would be on my shortlist… wait, what?
~Listen – Final Fantasy – Cockatrice

7.  Chris Bathgate – Wait, Skeleton

Criminally overlooked Michigan songwriter follows up the incredible “A Cork Tale Wake” with a delicious handful of tunes.
~Listen – Chris Bathgate – Casual Way

6.  Samantha Crain – The Confiscation

Wise-beyond-her-years singer/songwriter with a knack for storytelling and melody. Big things to come.
~Listen – Samantha Crain – The River

5.  Brian Borcherdt – Coyotes

Sparse, moody, intoxicating collection of songs from the Holy Fuck keyboardist. And yes, I just wanted to type “Holy Fuck”.
~Listen – Brian Borcherdt – While I Was Asleep

4.  The Twilight Sad – Here, It Never Snowed, Afterwards It Did

Imaginitive Re-Interpretations of their own songs along with a killer Daniel Johnston cover = Badass.
~Listen – The Twighlight Sad – Cold Days From The Birdhouse

3.  Annuals – Wet Zoo

This gem of an EP is quieter, more subdued, and far superior to their 2008 full-length “Such Fun”.
~Listen – Annuals – Sore

2.  The Avett Brothers – The Gleam II

Perhaps not quite as good as the first Gleam EP but damn close. A Rick Rubin-produced full length is on its way. *Wets Pants*
~Listen – The Avett Brothers – Bella Donna

1. Joe Pug – Nation Of Heat

Truly Dylanesque and one of the most impressive debuts ever. And I’m not just saying that because it’s in the music-blogger handbook under the “Obligatory Comparisons” Chapter.
~Definitely Listen – Joe Pug – Nation Of Heat


There you have it, the top 13 EPs by the Captain – make sure you drop by “Thanks Captain Obvious” and let him know you care!  You might also find his top 50 albums of 2008 that is worth memorizing as well, so get going!

Stick around these parts, two more days of “Bests” on their way!