Well, I guess this is the holidays then?

So here we are on December 25th and I have slipped away to get online (sparse during this time of the year as sitting next to the glow of the world wide web is not considered festive….pardon me??).  So basically just a quick post to say thanks to all those readers and vistors of the blog and fellow friends and family.  Slowcoustic thanks all of ya!

Well Christmas (or Xmas as I know it…long story) was good, my mother flew in to visit and so it is nice to see family this time of year.  Of course endless courses of food and flowing wine helps!!  Well as I type this on my new keyboard (thanks Santa or “wifey” as I know her), I am getting ready to watch western movies and drink sparkling shiraz!   Note: The key to still look masculine while drinking sparkling shiraz is to ensure your pinky finger stays down while drinking, tape it down if needed boys!

Lots more in the new year to come, (2009 is shaping up nicely), and more regular posts are on their way.  So while you wait look at some of the archives as there are 100’s of mp3 on various pages, and be sure to zip over to my blogroll, they are great folks with great tunes.

Talk soon everyone, enjoy the holidays.  I leave you with an eclectic list of tracks starting with – Erran Barron Cohen’s Songs In The Key of Hunukka’s “Dreidel” – and yes he is releated to Borat.  I’m So Look You’s “Last Christmas” which somehow made it to my inbox from a Japanese DJ covering a Wham! Christmas track (I think).  The other track is actually a great song entitled “Christmas Song” from a great couple of guys (Tim and Brad) who record as Trudgernaut from Texas who can be seen over on Ocean Drive Recordings HERE.  I have been listening for a few years and I can’t recommend them enough.  Don’t forget to check out their Audio Simplicity stuff as well, recommended mellow (not so) holiday music!!