School of Seven Bells – Video, Songs and Links!

So another quick post, but this one is chalk full of media.  School of Seven Bells is a band I have wanted to post on for a while.  The album is still in the listening stages at Slowcoustic Headquarters, but it is climbing up the in-house charts.

Let’s open up with a nice acoustic video shall we…

Live at Lime – School of Seven Bells from Matt Huard Productions on Vimeo.

So far so good??  I think it is great performance, almost ethereal at times.  If that is not good enough, you can always try their performance on KCRW as well.  If that radio performance wasn’t enough, try the (audio only – one large track unfortunately) from KEXP over here.  With that transition to audio only, try some tracks from the “Alpinisms” album that was released this past October.

I have three tracks that have been circling the internets for a bit, and they show the band influences spanning electro, indie and pop and as well as how describe themselves on MySpace as “psychedelic”.  I think that last description may be more of a vibe you get rather than an actual sound you hear…ya know?  I am also including School of Seven Bells on my blog as they are a little outside my Slowcoustic comfort zone.  It may be as they are a little bit….well, happy sounding (despite what lyrical messages they send) is the sound I speak of.  If it makes the long time readers feel a bit better, I do appreciate their acoustic performance from the “Live at Lime” a bit more than the actual album release, but that should come as no surprise!

AlpinismsSchool of Seven Bells
“Half Asleep” (mp3)
from “Alpinisms”
(Ghostly International)

“Connjur” (mp3)
from “Alpinisms”

(Ghostly International)

“Chain” (mp3)
from “Alpinisms”
(Ghostly International)

More On This Album

You might find yourself humming along, or simply devouring the earthy electro-folk-pop tunes of this trio.  You can also find them on their website here or on the Label site for Ghostly International here.  Also you can check their MySpace page here, to find a bit more about them and take a look at this Brooklyn based band’s EXTENSIVE tour through the U.K..

Immerse yourself in the School’s, breezy weekend soundtrack…


p.s.  Does anyone hear a less guitar driven, more 60’s version of Tegan & Sara in their sound??