Kinda skipped a week for this whole ’round the nets post, so I have most likely missed a […]

A new tune from Kentucky Nightmare that I am currently enamored with is “Caroline & I” from the […]

I have previously posted on husband&wife (yes, there is no space in the band name – it is […]

The 10 original songs, written during 2007, capture tales of small town frustrations, hard fought triumphs and a […]

A busted leg, a year plus recovering and two years driving a taxicab came between Casey Meehan’s Violet […]

You all want to know where I am from…well I am from Canada.  Well, not this Canada, but […]

If you have been following my posts this weekend, you will have noticed a flurry of posts and […]

Just because I have been trolling various music sites in the last few days, I have found a […]

JUST DON’T GET IT. I mean the “My Girls” track is kinda catchy, but we need to be […]