Lanterns on the Lake & – perfect match

This is why I love music and love  Lanterns on the Lake (discovered via Agnes over on It All Started with Carbon Monoxide) is a lush and soothing soundscape via rainy day England.  Now with the help of, you too can stare longingly at the ground while possibly swaying back and forth getting lost in ethereal/ambient indie pop!  While I am not always into dreamy indie pop, I really have taken to LotL since first hearing them a few weeks back and I highly recommend them.  Why they are unsigned is still baffling me.

Back story: I have decided to put a post together as while scrobbling (yes it is a real word) some Lanterns songs over on, I realized that you can pick up a entire album of 2007 demos on their profile page.  You can easily look below for a taste of these tracks, but you can visit their page here as well.  The included songs on this post below are mostly from a “Recordings 2007” album that is completely free for download!  I must say that this is a great way for bands to get out there and is really the place to do this, with it’s many music “taste makers” being longtime members of the community.   So I say kudos to the Lanterns for putting the music up.

As mentioned above, the selection of songs are what could be a collection of demos with the stand out tracks being “I Will Lay You Down”, “Caught on the Way” and the demo for the title track to their new EP “In Starlight”.  So enjoy some Lanterns on the Lake and visit their MySpace page to say hi and pick up a copy of the “the Starlight EP” for like 3.5 pounds (which is like $43.00 Canadian, but whatever).


p.s.  I am not sure, but did I actually include the word “taste makers” on this post??