New on the ‘Nets This Week

toothpaste for dinner

What is new on the Interwebs this week or so,?  Well, let’s find out what took place over the at the HQ and what we have noticed around the web in the last bit, shall we?

  • New Blogrollers hit Slowcoustic in the form of “Cable & Tweed” which is the graphic novel version of a great southern indie blog (or is it the other way around)?  Also we have an up and comer (hey, aren’t I just starting out, who am I to say “up and comer”?) in the form of “Laughing Evergreens” which has some great stuff and is becoming a regular ’round these parts.
  • Is it or isn’t it?  The “new” Frightened Rabbit video surfaces….hmmmm – check Indie Music Filter for a quick see and post in the comments if you get confirmation.  Still wouldn’t be arse if it isn’t, me thinks.
  • iTunes has dropped and is completely removing all DRM from the iTunes Music Store by end of the 1st Quarter – Great news.  I like the new plan, sure some tunes are more expensive, some are less – but now I can comfortably download and recommend iTunes on the blog.  Check Gizmodo peeps.
  • Song, By Toad is getting his sh*t together with his site (HA, this isn’t disrespect, If you read his blog, this is what he would say) and it is looking good.  Especially his best of list being all in place.  See below for a track from his #1 album from Meursault that just so happens to be from his label.
  • Everybody should go take a look a my Italian friend’s “best of 2008 list” on his site – Tracce di emozioni which include links to his reviews on Onda rock (come on, you can use Google translate on the Italian Pitchfork!).  Don’t forget his playlists, go back a month or so to find the lastest – always a great listen for free download.

Gotta go and work on my members playlist for tomorrow, enjoy your weekend everyone.