What I Should Be Doing on a Friday Night…Listening to More Will Johnson

My previous post on Will Johnson brought back the whole Dual Hawks release from last year and the fact that I really like Will’s work with South San Gabriel.  I liked the South San Gabriel disc better than the Centro-Matic disc from Dual Hawks – but one might assume this for the down tempo folk types.  I think I might have moved past the “dual” CD a bit too quickly….okay, I did move past too quickly.  Will, I apologize.

So I just have to put a track up to ensure I will listen to it more.  I have “Trust To Lose” as it is not too shabby (wanted to put up “From This I Will Awake”, but don’t quite have the permission…) and I hope you enjoy.

Dual HawksSouth San Gabriel
“Trust To Lose” (mp3)
from “Dual Hawks”

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“The Dark Of Garage” (mp3)
from “The Carlton Chronicles: Not Until The Operation’s Through”

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