New on the ‘Nets this Week

So glad it is the weekend this time.  Long week (in my mind at least) and I just want to relax, maybe listen to some music, surf the net and possibly (re: most likely) enjoy a couple of pints of Canadian lager.  Just sounds like a great weekend to me.  Let’s see what went on around the blogosphere (or my blog roll) in the week that seemed soo long to me.


So check it, blog roll love from your truly (and it is easier with my Google reader to find all this sh#t…), no seriously, I can’t recommend the blogs above more, so fly through the “ethernet” of blogs and enjoy more than enough music to keep y’all going for another week.


Today I leave you with two artists that I have recently and not so recently come across.  Italian Folk artist “Black Eyed Dog” whom I was just introduced to, and Jacob Fannin who I have been listening to for a bit now.  A bit of a cheat sheet on both:

Jacob Fannin – introduced due to a post on fellow Wisconsinite John Statz.  While Statz is a bit more Americana, Fannin brings a lighter sound with use of guitar and piano in what he calls “Acoustic, Alternative Pop”.
Take a listen on his WEBSITE and his MySpace Page.

Black Eyed Dog – Italian label “Ghost Records” brings Fabio Parrinello’s singer songwriter persona named after a Nick Drake track to my inbox.  Nice stuff consisting of more guitar influenced piano folk.
Take a listen on his LABEL SITE and his MySpace Page.

While Black Eyed Dog being a touch more sombre folk than Fannin’s sombre pop, both compliment each other and could possibly be the opposite sides of the same coin.  You decide.