Arrgh – Beirut or Heartless Bastards?

First CornerBeirut

“My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille” (mp3)
from “March of the Zapotec & Realpeople: Holland”
(Pompeii Records)

More On This Album

Opposite CornerHeartless Bastards

“The Mountain” (mp3)
from “The Mountain”
(Fat Possum Records)

I am undecided at the moment for my song of the week and I had to post on this today.  Today is kinda my “New Album” day as every post today included an album that is being released in January 2009.  Who knew that January is a power album release month!!  Buuuuuut…the battle royale….I don’t know.

→ Beirut has some history on its side (The Flying Club Cup from ’07 was pretty good) but Heartless Bastards is new to me.  Point Beirut?
→ Beirut can get a little too electro at times for me…Heartless Bastards would be considered a bit more Slowcoustic material?  Point Heartless Bastards?
→ Heartless Bastards will be touring in Calgary in a couple of months….point Heartless Bastards?
→ Zach Condon’s voice totally hits the spot for me at times…point Beirut?

I just don’t know, maybe I need to consider songs that are somewhat similar in order to get a better battle with a clear winner.  You decide for me….post in the comments please!!