New on the ‘Nets this Week

Kinda skipped a week for this whole ’round the nets post, so I have most likely missed a fair bit.  From what I can find, some highlights for me are listed below.


  • Untitled Records lets you know that they have love for Bon Iver, but not 100% love…see here.
  • Captain Obvious dropped a January Mixtape that is practically busting at the seams with music that matters.
  • Speaking of mixes (sort of), Motel de Moka always posts collections of music on each post…check out “Welcome to Alflolol” that also is spilling over with good tunes – even a nice little gem from “Dark Was The Night”.
  • We All Want Someone To Shout For put up their praise of The Rural Alberta Advantage (plus tonnes of “new” posts – almost every post has something new or upcoming!!).  The RAA are a band I have never posted on (despite being great), even with me living IN Alberta….
  • Herohill are covering the “In The Dead of Winter” festival and already have Day 1 and a preview of tonight covered…can’t wait for last night’s coverage due to a seriously great line up of Canadian East Coast talent!

I can’t even figure out the rest of the stuff I missed already…too much out there, and I shall endeavor to find it all and report back next week.  I leave you with some lo-fi goodness that I recently discovered – Caleb Hutton.  While Caleb might not be a household name, possibly for us indie folky types he just might become one.  While he has many original tunes available, I provide a psuedo theme by including 3 covers he has recorded – great versions of each if I have to say.  You can check him out (and find links to a crap load of more tracks) on his MySpace page.