Just received my DVD of “Isle Land”, the 4 track DVD EP from J. Tillman.  Dark, acoustic and […]

toothpastefordinner.com What is new on the Interwebs this week or so,?  Well, let’s find out what took place […]

We all know that I love (and I mean love, honour and respect till death we do part) […]

Other than the title of this post sounding wrong or completely wrong and even possibly disturbingly wrong – […]

Fields of Industry…kind of like “Captains of Industry” only like with a field, or something with a touch […]

This is why I love music and love Last.fm.  Lanterns on the Lake (discovered via Agnes over on […]

Around the internet, what is new around the blogs, top news, and the like…more or less. ~~ HearYa […]

Jason Molina.  The man of many faces (or identities at least) in the realm of what many might […]