Post Rock Instrumental Evening – Montreal’s Torngat Is Invited.

Montreal Quebec’s ambient power trio Torngat create majestic instrumental music that is at times as breathtaking as the glorious Quebec mountain range from whom they take their name. Torngat return with “La petite Nicole”, the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2007 effort, “You Could Be”. This time around the band is sporting a grittier, propulsive sounding record that more closely resembles the bands live sound.

New album for my Easterly friends has just hit the online and CD/Vinyl market on March 3rd over on Alien8 Records.  The new album is “La Petit Nicole” and is described as below:

“La petite Nicole” offers forays into dub-heavy elements of post rock as well hints of kraut rock and the occasional miniature freak-outs. Aside from these flirtations in new directions, the same sound that has made them popular in Canada and festival stages remains. One gets the feeling that the band is creating music for yet-to-be-made films; while cinematic references may be considered standard when describing instrumental music, Torngat’s creations are particularly evocative of the medium.

I also know I say this a lot, but damn it people, listen with headphones with this band, it is well worth it to get all the layers out of it.  Torngat make beautiful music that, like mentioned above, might be looking for you to give it vision.  Not saying that the sound lacks focus, I just think that there is soo many ways to hear their music.  Soo many ways to decide that they made it just for you and your headphones.

“La Petite Nicole” (mp3)
from “La Petite Nicole”
(Alien8 Recordings)

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You Could BeTorngat
“Celebrating New” (mp3)
from “You Could Be”
(Alien8 Recordings)

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