Let’s Cover Michigan Once Again Folks: Chris Dorman’s “To Begin Again”

Chris Dorman, from Lansing, is a musician, a father, and a friend to the community. He writes about his friends, his family and his feelings and reflects upon the intrinsic value within a local culture that cannot be quantified or commoditized. He hopes his sounds will nurture and inspire all who hear them to appreciate that which is unique to them. So what is unique to him, you ask? Chris dreams of being an old man who tells funny stories over and over again even though he knows everybody already knows the punch line.

Just because I cannot avoid Michigan no matter how hard I try, the trusty state keeps handing me gems.  Another of these gems is Chris Dorman’s orchestra of talent and his 2008 album “To Begin Again”.  While the recording and assembling of the album came from a vast pool of assistance of local musicians, recording at the Magdalena Tea House and released on Earthwork Music – this album is all Chris.  Chris’s album feels as if it draws of personal experience and his strong sense of community.  It seems like family takes the form of much more than blood for this singer songwriter.  Unassuming and charismatic at live performances (from what I have heard) – I have to say that the truths he sings of and songs he creates are part of a community I wish I was a part of.

You can visit Chris Dorman on MySpace, his Website and at Earthwork Music.  If you are in the area, don’t miss out on an upcoming performance at “The Ark” in Ann Arbor on March 24th.

Chris DormanTo Begin Again
“To Begin Again” (mp3)
“Family Farm” (mp3)
from “To Begin Again”
(Earthwork Music)

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