Sorry, Unavailable on Tuesday, Me & Will Oldham Are Catching Up.

Going to the BPB concert here in Calgary on Tuesday, March 24th and am getting excited.  Word is that the show is pretty darn good (various twitter feeds from fellow bloggers indicate as such).  Apparently a good mix of new and old material, so that is always a promising situation when an artist has such a deep back catalogue.

The new album “Beware” is out now on Drag City and the video above is for what you can assume is the lead off track and “I am Goodbye”.  Simple and good in video terms – and very bonnie.  You can order via the Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy website and pay via Paypal for the new album.

I have included a couple of tracks, one by BPB himself and one from fellow Drag City co-hort Bill Callahan (imagine if they toured together!!).  The Billy track is from the bonus disc for his 2006 album “The Letting Go” and is one of my all time favourite tracks and the Callahan is the promo single from his upcoming album “Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle” which drops on April 14th (of which you can also pre-order from BPB’s site if you keep clicking to find it!).