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Working My Way Into A Slumber With Will Johnson

Vultures AwaitWill Johnson

“Just to Know What You’ve Been Dreaming” (mp3)
“Closing Down My House” (mp3)
from “Vultures Await”

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~Heading off to bed, glad it is Friday.  But long ago when it was still the morning of this very Friday, I was listening to “Counting the Scars” on the way to work this morning and realized that this guy is frickin’ amazing, so here is a couple of tracks to prove it.


p.s.  If you are interested, you can check out the Travel By Sea cover of “Closing Down My House” on a previous post HERE and even the Barack Obama Presidential track from Will Johnson HERE.



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One response to “Working My Way Into A Slumber With Will Johnson”

  1. nancy Avatar

    Totally agree with your assessment of Will Johnson. He is truly amazing.