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A Trip Through The Slowcoustic Inbox

**pictured above is the entrance to Slowcoustic Artist Submission offices

Thought I would do a overview of some recent submissions to the blog.  I do get a fair amount, not as much as others (how many sad bastards can there be, really?) and they deserve some play.  Below are a few selections of bands, artists that have contacted me directly and the odd PR suggestion (hey, love ’em or hate ’em, PR emails bring some gems at times).  So let’s dig into the mailbag!


Another” – Jason Eddens

Jason Eddens has a few projects on the go, one I found that perked my fondness for the lo-fi singer songwriter was his “Ghosts Project“.  While he doesn’t record under this moniker, he uses it to keep this persona alone and backed in to a corner, away from everyone else.  It is quiet, sombre, delicate and very easy on the ears.  Highly recommended.

51st State” – Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman could be described as another lo-fi bedroom folk artist.  I say “bedroom” folk as you feel as if he was holed up in a room, with only guitar, microphone and his own solitude and came out with an “acoustic and lyrical musing” as he indicates.  I think it is a bit more than a musing with his well thought out subjects and lyrical content.  It just so happens to find itself whispering its way into a powerful performance.

Late Night Rockits” – Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great are not a typical band for Slowcoustic, but they just may surprise you.  Crossroads of America is a great label and they provide solid artists (Husbands and Wives for one) and now Alexander the Great.  ATG are a bit more dark indie rock than Slowcoustic, but they mix it well in bringing the rock while still being able to kick out a great mandolin…weren’t expecting that now were you?  Expect much from ATG.

One Long Country Song” – Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes are another band that spans multi genres or I might say merges them into one.  They can have solo acoustic tracks like the one included here, but also launch into a song like “Ithaca” which brings a modern Talking Heads vibe and makes it their own.  Sometimes more pop, sometimes more indie rock – this will be a great summer soundtrack for many.  Check out a bevy of videos and more tracks on their MySpace page.

We Are America” – Caledonia

Canada has a penchant for creating bands that are what you may call a “troupe of musicians creating malable independent music”.   I think there is just soo much talent across this expansive country that you get the chance to see sparse wilderness, vast oceans while at the same time still having very urban centres.  What I am getting at is new music in Canada can often take the shape of almost anything, Caledonia is a band that shows this – there is 70s era synth, mellow singer songwriter, indie rock, while all keeping it cohesive (even with a piano laden ‘norleans instrumental included).  In true Canadian form, you hopefully didn’t miss the title track of the new album set to be released on June 2nd, 2009.  Check them on Killbeat Records and thier Website to listen to more.