Thursday Stalking Suggestions

So I just had a long day and am just beat and…yadda, yadda.  Okay I don’t have a ‘real’ post yet today, but I don’t come before you empty handed.  Check out a few friends and what they have to offer as I simply cannot be depended on…

  • ~Check my brother Olivier’s post on the new Gregory Alan Isakov Album “This Empty Northern Hemisphere” – The album is incredible, so go see for more info and a free track!
  • ~Knox Road give a shout out to a shout out for The Woodlands new album (see our take on the album here).
  • ~Go bug Hear Ya to put up their live session with Horse Feathers because I want to hear it.  I really want to hear it.  Browse their previous sessions here while you are at it!
  • ~Have you seen the photo extravaganza that has been going on at Speed of Dark lately?  Somebody got a new camera!!  Visit them and browse your face off.
  • ~Song By Toad discovers the Ghost Glacier EP from Breathe Owl Breathe (also recommended from yours truly) and by golly, he just may like it.  Check it out here.

There you have it, I bring you nothing but provide you with much.  Swing by again as you never know when I might put something of my own up.  Upcoming items for the blog include a Jeff Zentner give away, new logo launch is on its way (who wants a Slowcoustic shirt/hoodie/sticker?  Everybody!!), Slowcoustic will be included in the iPhone app for “IHeartNewMusic” for it’s next update and lots of posts that need to be typed up, yadda, yadda…


p.s.  Visit Portland Cello Project Here Pick up a CD or try a concert of theirs, it is truly interesting and amazingly good!