Alexi Murdoch Soundtracks “Away We Go”, plus bonus live tracks!

Alexi Murdoch, yes that Alexi Murdoch.  Not just for the teen dramas anymore!

Seriously though, a favourite for a long time for great singer songwriter quality is Alexi Murdoch.  He has that calming voice, delicate guitar work and just a great vibe.  What wouldn’t his music be good for?  An afternoon lazing around the house, a road trip along the coast, background music while you construct your first novel and yes, a soundtrack to a movie.

The movie in question is “Away We Go” and it will be released in just under a month on June 5th in LA and New York with the wide release soon after.  It is directed by Sam Mendes (Oscar winning Sam Mendes thank you very much) and is the first original screenplay by novelists Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida.  Basically it is considered a contemporary snapshot of a particular couple’s travels across America – oh the dramatics and shenanigans ensue.  Following a cast of John Krasinski of “The Office” fame and Maya Rudolph who you will know as a recent grad of Saturday Night Live.  What else do you need?

But the music – it includes more than Alexi, but he figures predominantly (at 8 of the 12 tracks, plus a bonus track, so I guess 9 or 13?) and it is a mix of old and new Murdoch songs.  Some tracks are from previous albums and some are newly released (but keen ears will know that there a couple of songs that are also on a mysterious self released EP “Towards The Sun” that surfaced in the last few weeks on various leak sites – without even a mention on his own website!).  I must say that personally I think he is a great choice for a soundtrack if for nothing else to get more material from him.  I have to say that he is consistently good and whether you consider him too mainstream gushy to be taken seriously, then you just don’t get him.  It’s good stuff, period.

Enjoy a track from the album that is also on his “Time Without Consequence” album plus a bonus of some live tracks from a 2007 performance at Hotel Cafe in LA (courtesy of Cherbonsy!)

Visit Alexi Murdoch on his soon to be updated Website and MySpace.
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