Simon Llewelyn Evans – 218 views on MySpace?!?!

Simon Llewelyn Evans
“Woman at a Mountain” (mp3)
from “draw mountains There”

More On This Album

Don’t even know how I ran across Simon Llewelyn Evans but I am glad I did.  He has a new album as of last week (May 9th, 2009) and I liked the first track (above) and checked him out on MySpace – 218 profile views!  Um, outside of my own seriously lacking profile, rarely do you see such a low number for someone obviously talented enough to make it to this blog…  Okay, all kidding aside, this Australian needs more love.

The lead off track “Woman at a Mountain” is a wandering acoustic track with a bit of easy listening vocals.  It is almost the most relaxing thing I have heard in a long time.  You may feel like you have heard him before as his voice is “that voice”.  This is a guy that Zach Brafffff was looking for when he picked Colin Hay for the soundtrack to Garden State.

That’s all I got today, but come on everyone – head over to the Simon Llewelyn Evans MySpace Page to listen to a few more tracks and be his friend and talk him up a bit.   You might even find his album on iTunes right here if you simply can’t wait after listening above.