Jeniferever Video and New(ish) Track

So I first posted some of the beauty that is the new Jeniferever here.  Now we seem to have another track for promo from the new album plus the video from the first track.  Nice little Friday night we got going on.

Check out the video for “Green Meadow Island” below:

Also check out the latest release from the “Spring Tides” album with the track “Lives Apart”.  The sound is once again a production of shoegaze paced beats with electronic tinged slowcore.  It is both mesmerizing and intoxicating.  You also feel a bit of presence with the album and this song, there is an aura of grandiose included in it.  I personally dig it, especially for the 1986 New Order bass line that hits just prior to the 5 minute mark!

Enjoy the night, this track and video are a great start if I had to say.

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