Consider Me Pretty Much Onboard – The Sunparlour Players Might Be The Next Big Thing

Who are these seemingly over focused gentlemen before you?  Why they are Toronto’s Sunparlour Players.  Don’t let the photo of what looks like 3 complete strangers fool you, they are a tight knit and serious Alt-Folk-Rock outfit…and from what I hear the live show is about to kick your ass.

I am still deciding overall if I am on board (but actually fearing that I have fallen for them already) and am asking you to listen along with me while I decide.  I just might be upping the Sunparlour Player quotient in the ol’ iPod the more I listen to them – this is another sign I think.

In this package that is the Sunparlour Players, there is range from full on Country Rock all the way to Indie-Folk ballads and back again to foot stomping barn burners!  They can even flex all the way to Charlie Daniels meets Rob Zombie in the track “John Had a Bell and a Whistle” from their “Hymns for the Happy” album…makes you think now, doesn’t it?  All this despite the snappy threads from the photo above!

But I digress, the guys have a newly released album in “Wave North” that has just been released on Tuesday of this week on Outside Music that is not so subtly leaning into the role of my indie album for summer.  Along with the two new tracks, enjoy a couple of previous efforts from their first album (label released album anyway…) and one of the two tracks they provided to the soundtrack of “This Beautiful City” from last year.  I personally am finding the track “North” creeping its way into almost everything I do…

Wave NorthSunparlour Players
“North” (mp3)
“Battle Of 77” (mp3)
from “Wave North”
(Outside Music)

More On This Album

Visit Sunparlour Players on their Website and MySpace for more info on the band, tour dates (don’t get me started on the fact that they are skipping Calgary altogether…) and possibly pick up the new album, be there friend and all that good stuff.