New on the ‘Nets This Week

This stuff is the freshest and newest of the new this week – okay that might be a overstatement, but is still good stuff.  Not that “new” really means anything around here…some of the best stuff is newly discovered and not necessarily new in the sense of released.  This is kinda like the reason I have started collecting a bit of vinyl audio discs and haven’t found the right “record player” yet…(drop me a line if you have suggestions on that front).  Let’s get to some blog suggestions:

  • Ahhh, Bowerbirds’ “Upper Air” leaked all over the interwebs this week – it is really good, more of their signature gypsy folk with some bonus production (which does work for the most part).  I Guess I’m Floating blog had a bonus track up for a few minutes along with a few notes – maybe you got it prior to the “take down”?   They approve of the new album from what I gather…smart folks.
  • You Crazy Dreamers (my other home) hooked me up with some new talent in St Augustine – this is some mellow french singer songwriter (vocals in English folks, don’t worry) – check it out HERE.
  • Raven Sings The Blues pointed out the one thing that bugs me about Tom Brosseau…the fact that more people are not listening to him!  Visit RSTB and take a listen HERE.
  • I have started to chew tobacco, kick up dust and down sour mash by the gallon.  You may know this as listening to Scott H. Biram‘s latest album.  I discovered him via the Nine Bullets blog – so visit them (and Scott)
  • Last but not least, the Captain has his new covers mixtape out, another winner – visit HERE.

I leave you today with a interesting band – Dark Mean.  They provide you with what could be music made for soundtracks – not literally, but it feels like there is scope to the sound, like it is more than simply music.  More than simply guitars, piano and a kick drum…they are building to something.  Maybe that is why they are issuing 3 separate EPs en route to their full album release.  You can visit them on their Website and MySpace page, drop an email address and get a download of the latest EP “frankencottage” or free.  Take a sample of the mellow “Lullabye” and the more up tempo indie folk of “Happy Banjo” (quite aptly named, me thinks).