Acoustic Dakota Suite on “They Shoot Music Don’t They?” + bonus MP3s

Very nice haunting of the Viennese Hotel Fürstenhof.

Ever find yourself wanting for a lonely day, or simply need to unwind – Dakota Suite is here.  They will provide you with their melancholy a la post rock singer-songwriter persona to be the one to walk you down that winding path into dusk.   Sometimes ethereal, sometimes solitary, always beautiful.  This particular video is from the “They Shoot Music Don’t They” series and it another great addition to their already fantastic library.

Swing on by Chris Hooson and crew (or as you will come to know him/them, Dakota Suite) on the website HERE.  Pick one of the many albums in the catalog over at their label store, Glitterhouse Records.  There is one album I wanted to make mention of, and it is a March 2009 “remix album” release called “The Night That Just Keeps Coming In” that is available on Boomkat for purchase.  It sounds very interesting and is basically a reinterpretation of “The End of Trying” (original album at iTunes HERE) from the capable hands of numerous artists such as Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Arve Henriksen, Deaf Center and The Boats.  Hmmm, must think about picking this one up…

Enjoy a couple of songs and try not to get carried away and have any sort of movement while listening.  The two tracks below are also featured in the student film on the band entitled “Wintersong” from a few years back – visit here for a bit more info on the project.