Dame Satan’s “Beaches and Bridges” Brings Psych-Folk Back!

Just a little bit of Dame Satan’s ambient psych folk for your Wednesday.  This is what happens when someone blends 60s acid with an ambient production.  Sometimes too sparse to describe, sometimes way too trippy to think you actually understand it, but always worth a listen (or two).

The band and new album dissected: “It contains Fine Folk Traditions, Space Blankets, Noisy Blessings, and a Few History Lessons. All Messages and Moods within were cooked up by Human Voices, Words arranged in Meaningful Congress, Acoustic and Electric Instruments, Effects…

And check the video for my pick for best track on the album “Ghost Dance”.

Dame Satan
“Ghost Dance” (mp3)
“Country Thief” (mp3)
“Dawn and Delta” (mp3)
from “Beaches and Bridges”
(Origami Music)

More On This Album

Visit on their Website and MySpace for more info from this San Francisco troupe – or even pick up a copy over at the Ghost Mansion Store HERE.