Song of the Night – Ain’s “Sunday”

Although been out for a bit already, the EP from Ain – “Close to Cotton” is a great one.  I just finally discovered one of the tracks is up for posting/downloading – so here I am, telling you something I have known for a while now.  Listen to Ain (or Aindriú Conroy as he is also known)!  If you are reading this, you know how this goes – great singer songwriter, acoustic stuff with a bluesy edge.  I just wish there was more than the sparse sparse tracks on this EP (see what I did there?).  As the album has been out for over a year, I am anxiously awaiting the upcoming releases eluded to on his MySpace page.  Take a listen to the song of the night below:

Ain – “Sunday”

Visit Ain on MySpace (catch some new demos) and (stream the whole EP).
Pick up a copy of “Close to Cotton” at Amazon.