After One Listen Review – Joshua Barton’s “Thanks, I Missed You, Too”

When Joshua suggested I listen to his album, I thought to myself – “Oh great, another musician emailing to tell me I need to listen to his music!  Why do all these damn musicians…er, wait.  Joshua Barton?”

Okay, to be honest, I don’t mind getting emails recommending music – I am a music blogger, it is what I do (in my little bit of spare time).  I especially like getting recommendations from people that I know I already like – for example….Joshua Barton of “Fields of Industry” (see my post on FOI HERE).  So, long story short – I am listening.

This nine track release is clearly located amongst the folk tinged indie shoegazer aisle that I tend to frequent and it is a nice surprise.  You are getting a bit of lo-fi topped with folk sensibility and a bit of ambient texture throughout.  Very easily mashed together to make the paste that many Slowcoustic younglings need in order to become fringe folk enthusiasts.  There is a little bit of everything thrown in (background noise, Oboe, French speaking clips, echoing guitar effects, the ubiquitous instrumental and untitled track) and it can be distracting to the casual listener, but it lends to the eccentricities of the album.  Overall, I think (I know) I will listen again.

Take a listen to three tracks from the readily available album (download it over at Arts Vs. Entertainment) to get an idea of what could be a true indie lullaby “Ypsilanti is Seething” along with his traditional folk ditty of “You’re Just a Baby” and Barton’s sombre, Southern gothic version of “Farther Along” – my personal favourite on the album.  Wait, maybe “Ypsilanti is Seething” is my favourite track…