Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl unveil “Two” June 9th.

If there’s an over-arching idea to the album, it’s about how to capture a moment before it’s lost forever. The album was written, recorded and mixed in a little over two weeks- a miniscule timescale in these times of recording, re-recording and digitally manipulating every note of every part played. This is a record in its truest sense: a record of an event. The event is a group of people standing in a room and playing a song together – this is what you’re hearing and this is why listening to these songs feels like such a privilege. We’re being invited to share in this world of intimacy, the natural affinity of two human beings moving in symmetry. This is the world of Two.

Yeah, I am not always a sucker for this type of music but sometimes it just works out.  It is definitely summer folk and brings in a bit of sunshine to this blogger’s sad bastard way of life.  The new album “Two” isn’t filled with your dark dusty corners and late night whiskey joints, this is warm breeze on a Tuesday morning.  Enjoy it while you can around these parts and I hope you can find a moment for it as well.   Of the two tracks attached below, you can check the video for “Before It Goes” below as well:

Click the album cover to pick up a copy (or bookmark the page depending on location, it isn’t out until June 9th here in North America, but it is already released in the UK).

Visit them on their website HERE.