Slowcoustic Recommends…Thomas J Speight

Sure you find yourself trolling the internet for music, listen to websites, discuss with friends, but sometimes it finds you.  This is what happens when you have a music blog – people find you and often it is so-so, sometimes it is horrible, and now and again you find something that you really like.  I found that with Thomas J Speight from London (UK that is).

The sound is easy, folk inspired and gets it’s Slowcoustic on.  TJS (and crew) have been around for almost a year since the “creation” of Thomas J Speight (although I am sure he has been just this his whole life).  In this short year Thomas has played probably a hundred shows both as a solo artist and with his band and can be described at points as a “British Ryan Adams”.  Whether you like Ryan Adams (RIP), take it as just that – a reference for good solid Americana and Alt-Country that I can say really flourishes in the down-tempo tracks.  There are a few upcoming dates on his MySpace page and if you are in the London (UK that is) area on July 23rd – you may just need to be at Madamme Jo Jo’s in Soho when he is supporting Joshua Radin!

Enjoy a couple of tracks and swing by the MySpace page of this Ear Candy artist.  I leave you with a session of the included “November Blues” song.