Song of the Day – Reverie Sound Revue’s “An Anniversary Away”

Image by Amber Albrecth

So song of the day today is from Reverie Sound Revue’s newly released self titled album and the first track “An Anniversary Away”.

The track is a more atmospheric summer jam from the Canadian pseudo electro-shoegaze outfit.  It is a lush affair to say the least and begs to be immersed in.  I can’t describe it better than they do on the group’s MySpace page:

Reality blurs and you are floating in space. Drifting, you hear the vibration of a future daydream. This is Reverie Sound Revue.

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Reverie Sound RevueReverie Sound Revue
“An Anniversary Away” (mp3)
from “Reverie Sound Revue”
(Boompa Records)

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