Fairer Sex Video Post: Sharon Van Etten & Julie Doiron

Two Ladies by Jane Bingham

So a little pair of video love of the fairer sex this Sunday morning, my first day back from vacation (unfortunately), and to ease my way back into some much needed blog posting – some video love!

First off, Sharon Van Etten.  I am falling in love with this New Yorker…hard.  I only recently started listening to her in the last few months and she just keeps impressing me.  The collection of demos, performances and home recordings on her first release is now available again in a 2nd pressing and she has her new album “Because I Was In Love” available now (with the Pitchfork stamp of approval, thank you very much).  Her sound is starkly emotional, seemingly strikingly personal and beautiful at its very basic – the perfect mix!  If I can recommend one “new” artist to watch, it’s Sharon Van Etten.  Visit her on her website (and order the home recordings while you can, limited amounts available) and her MySpace page

Watch the full concert at baeblemusic.com

Enjoy a (fairly noisy) version of the above song – “Damn Right” (mp3).


Secondly, we have the Canadian indie darling Julie Doiron.  I will always like Julie Doiron as she is just plain amazing.  She has a bit of range as well if you follow her albums, she goes from very much lo-fi songwriter stuff to almost full band tracks.  While she still leans to wards the traditional singer songwriter, she is growing to be a bit more of a performer and including others in her performances and sound.  Her new album “I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day” is still pretty new being released this past March and check out the new video for “Consolation Prize”.  Visit her on her Website for more info, and even swing by iTunes for a copy.  Also, if you have time, definitely spend $4.00 for her split EP with Calm Down, It’s Monday: great little release that comes recommended – it is on iTunes Here.

BONUS – check out another track from the album that has recently been approved to post, it is the lovely When Breaks Get Wet” (mp3).  Enjoy!