Artist of the Day – Jan Felipe

Jan Felipe

So I have been online acquaintances with Jan Felipe for over a year now as we have connected a few times on  He will let me know on happenings here and there and if he has a new track for download.

Low and behold he does have something new for perusal and he let me know – and now I am letting you know.  Jan Felipe is a mostly slow acoustic/slightly jazzy artist in a nouveau José González way.  He sings in multiple languages including mostly Brazilian Portuguese with some French and now English!  With whatever language he selects, it simply flows through him as if it was perfectly natural, and more importantly in sync to his music as well.   The new track Jan wanted to let me know of is entitled “Quiet People” and is possibly his first real English vocal song and is definitely showing the maturing of his sound.  When first hearing, as a Canadian the music hits you as Portugeuse in its very essence.  The new track still holds onto this but it floats over the track and isn’t the focus, there is more band sound and atmosphere with percussion and piano.  I like where he is going with this and look forward to what he provides next.

I am also including two additional tracks that caught me when I first listened (I think maybe 2 years ago???) in the Portuguese tracks “Abril” (April) and “Sobre Todos Nós” (About Us All) and they are both stunningly beautiful and come highly recommended.  Jan, when you read this – this was a long time coming and I apologize for waiting soo damn long to put some tracks on the blog!!

Check him out on his page or his Bandcamp page for more complimentary downloads.  You may even swing by his MySpace page and friend him up!

“Quiet People” (new)
“Sobre Todos Nós”