Song of the Day – Jon Crocker’s “Moved to Nebraska”

Jon Crocker - photo by Daniela Failla.

Don’t know much about Nebraska – drove through it once and spent the night at a small low rent chain motel on the outskirts of Lincoln.  Saw lots of corn fields (from the side of the road), a truck with a personalized license plate with “Hunters” on it and endless 2 door coupes with “support our troops” magnets.  Not to say that it was the essence of “Midwestern”, that is just the impression it gives off.  As mentioned we did stay for a bit in Lincoln, and it was a sweet little town.  I quite liked it and always joke with my wife that we would move there because it seemed like an honest but growing town, plus we got a good cup of coffee the morning we left.  I don’t know where I was going with this, oh yeah, moving to Nebraska…

Jon Crocker has some nice folk tunes – “Moved to Nebraska” is from his new album “Farewell, America!” and I think I kinda like it.  You gotta like a guy who isn’t afraid of the banjo AND mandolin.

Farewell, America!Jon Crocker

Song of the Day:

“Moved to Nebraska” (mp3)

Bonus #1:

“Alabama Hills” (mp3) – a bit more uptempo for you diehard SLOWcoustic folks…
from “Farewell, America!”
(Greydawn Records)

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Bonus #2:
The Dust Will SettleJon Crocker
“I Just Can’t Say No” (mp3)
from “The Dust Will Settle”
(Bluetint Records)

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