Phosphorescent throw back: Black Cab Session version of “Wolves”

Just being unemployed for a few days, so I am at my computer (without corporate network restrictions), so let’s put another post up on the blog!!

This song was playing on the drive to work yesterday, knowing it was my last day ‘working for the man’, it just sounded that much better.  Honestly it sounded absolutely incredible, especially in the real life style that The Black Cab Sessions provide.  This is probably my favourite song from Phosphorescent and it appeared over on TBCS last May I believe (side note that I did post a video over on You Crazy Dreamers with my #2 favourite track from Matthew Houck, aka Phosphorescent, see it HERE).

Take a listen/download of the video rip – just cuz you have to take it with you.  This friends, is an all time track, take my word for it.

“Wolves (Black Cab Session)”

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